Twitter for Financial Reporting

In the latest sign that social media is gaining early stage acceptance in the Australian financial markets, FTI research shows that in the August results season, 35 companies in the ASX 100 used Twitter as part of their communications strategies to publish their financial results. FTI Consulting found that of the 91 companies that recently […]

Tackling negative media coverage

Negative media coverage is like an emergency plumbing situation. Ignoring the problem is ultimately going to leave you with a bigger, less-manageable mess. However, if you’re prepared to use the correct tools to address the situation there is an opportunity to salvage your company’s reputation. A solid communications strategy, combining a punctual response with measured, […]

Communicating when a senior executive leaves the business

Following today’s announcement that David Jones boss Paul Zahra has quit the department store chain to be replaced by Country Road head Ian Nairn, FTI reflects on the importance of having a clear communications plan around senior executive transitions. Changes at the top can cause uncertainty and unfounded speculation for all stakeholders, from employees through […]

The Murray Report – What will it mean for corporate communication?

The interim report from the Financial System Inquiry has been dominating the headlines. While the media has invariably focused on the BBQ stopper topics – house prices and superannuation charges – the detail in the report shows David Murray and his team are preparing to make substantial recommendations on the structure and operation of Australia’s […]

Maintaining stakeholder trust after suffering from a cyber attack

Companies fear talking about a breach of their computer network almost as much as the breach itself. An effective response requires quick action to determine how and when to disclose breaches, how to communicate to customers and employees, partners and regulators and what information they need to know. The issue is causing restlessness in boardrooms. […]

Trying to stop the budget going up in smoke

In the world of politics image is tightly controlled. Staff known as advancers arrive ahead of MPs to scope locations, looking for any backdrops or signage that could embarrass their leaders should they be photographed standing in the wrong place. And in the world of politics, considerable and exhaustive effort goes into managing the “spin” […]

2014 Federal Budget – Hockey calls on all to contribute [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome to the FTI Consulting Strategic Communications Budget wrap for 2014. So, is it the Budget we had to have, or the one that we deserved? Are we now in an age of austerity, or are we facing a future of growth? Treasurer Joe Hockey has delivered an economic statement that sets the path for […]

NSW Premier Mike Baird’s New Cabinet

Premier Mike Baird has unveiled his new look frontbench after spending the weekend putting the finishing touches to the team that he will take through to the March 2015 State Election. There are some new faces in the Cabinet; some of the experienced Ministers change portfolios to shore up the Government’s position in the lead […]

Addressing Shareholder Activism – Lessons from the US

Activists on the rise in Australia The return of the corporate activist has been a hot topic in the share markets as of late. An established movement in the U.S., championed by the likes of Carl Icahn and Dan Loeb, it is on the rise in Australia as investors seek more unorthodox means of increasing […]


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